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Studio Art Glass

During the second half of the twentieth century a new phenomenon, which transformed the use of glass for artistic expression, appeared the studio art glass. Czech artists co-created this new art discipline and many of them keep changing its landscape.

The first fine glass sculptures and objects emerged in the 1950s. The first works were inspired by related artistic fields by sculpture and by painting in particular. A revolutionary technological process was developed melting glass matter in forms.

First sculptures were relatively small in size, but they enabled the artists to master the new technique. Late 1960s and early 1970s brought a shift in perception of glass as a medium of artistic expression. The optical properties of glass and the transformation of the world seen through glass gained prominence.

Czech studio glass art of the last twenty years is tremendously varied and rich. There is hand shaped and blown glass, layered glass, painted glass, glued glass and molten glass, which is currently the technique of choice of many fine glass artists. Molten glass sculptures, sometimes cut and polished, burst with diverse individual expressions of the artists.

The youngest generation of artists knows no artistic boundaries. They use irony and grotesque; they combine glass with metal, stone, synthetic materials and wood to produce works, which could not be produced by traditional technologies and with traditional materials.

At present Czech glass studio artists are major contributors to the glass arts around the world.

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